What to Look For in Equestrian Real Estate

If you want to build a career as an equestrian, then you may be looking for a place ideal for horse rearing. You also want a place where you can ride everyday and practice the jumps over fixed obstacles, endurance riding and reining.In looking for a equestrian real property, it is very dependent on what type of rider you are. An equestrian, who does riding as a professional, may have certain qualities and facilities that need to be present in their property, as opposed to those who just ride for fun.However, if you are into equestrian real estate, here are the common things that you should look into:1. The size of the land- Most equestrian properties are made of acres of land. It is vast and filled with greenery so horses can run freely within the property. Experts in horse rearing also mentioned it should also have trees because in warm days, horses would also need a shade to cool down in an afternoon ride.2. Mild temperatures- The climate of the place is also important. Most of the equestrian properties are popular down south because of their mild temperatures. However, they are not limited to these kinds of conditions. Some people living in area codes with 4 seasons can also run these properties. If you want your open horse rearing and if you want to enjoy riding all the time, having a warm climate is quite an advantage.3. Good Fencing- When you live in this property, you do not expect your horses to be caged all the time. You will probably let them wander around to be eating fresh green grass. That is why it should be properly fenced to keep your horses within the property. In case they wander around, you know where to find them. You are assured that they will be just there and no one would make a mistake in capturing them.4. Water Source- A good equestrian property should have its own fresh water source. Since it usually has a vast land of greenery, there should be enough water to sustain the property. This is very important for irrigation. Water is also important for horses. They need it as much as humans do. If they are left dehydrated, they can die within 5 to 6 days, as opposed to having no food, which can reach within few weeks. So having infinite fresh water is a necessity.5. Facilities- What good is an equestrian property if it has no facilities for horses, right? You can look into stables, outdoor schooling and many others. Just as long as you have enough facilities for feeding, exercising or rearing horse, it should be good. However, it should match your needs. If you are just starting out, you may want to find facilities enough for your ponies. Then expand later on. The severity of facilities present may have an effect on the affordability of the property.6. Vehicle access- Running stables or equine properties may involve delivery of materials. It should have roads wide enough for a more convenient transporting. It should also be strategic and properly defined. This way it will not interfere with any activities. Properly built roads can actually serve as quarantine barriers, at times when there will be outbreak of diseases.